Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Valentine's Day Make-up Madness!

So I did makeup for 9 hours on Valentine's Day! Here's a few samples! Everything from simple to pirates?!?! So, as you see, it's not all Bridal!

me and sweet sister-in-law
And, this lady has long blonde hair normally, so no-one recognized her! So fun!
I've done this guy, Johnny's make-up as Capt. Jack Sparrow several times and it blows me away every time how much he looks like him!

Senior Portraits

Janelle and Jenna - Best Friends and total sweethearts!

Amy Awaiting her Beautiful Valentine's Day Baby

What a beautiful mama,huh? visit this site to see the princess Eliana! http://theticefamily.blogspot.com

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kate! Brilliant Bride Blogger!

One of the sweetest and most eloquent brides I've ever known - blogged this about her makeup consultation with me!check out her amazing blog! http://katystardust.blogspot.com

Friday, February 15, 2008

Prior to the wedding espionage last Saturday, Crafty Bridesmaid and I had our makeup trial done by the uber-fabulous LeiLani. Apart from being wholly entertaining as a person in general, LeiLani knows her craft - and is quick to holler about industry insider information on her favorite products from Clinique, MAC, and Laura Mercier (and more!). We sat talking shop while each of us had our makeup done - and we had a blast! The time truly flew by!

I knew that I would want faux eyelashes for my wedding face, as I know how fantastic they show in photographs - but Crafty Bridesmaid was a bit hesitant to check them out. They feel weird - I admit it's odd having some foreign objects glued to your eyelids, but oh my goodness the difference they make! LeiLani was sweet enough to pick ours up at her last shopping trip to the MAC store. You should see her huge case of goodies!

LeiLani was really stoked to do our makeup that morning as she said that most of her clients have nothing exciting to do once beautified - they just end up at Starbucks, going grocery shopping or going straight home. We, however, had a wedding to go to! It was the perfect opportunity!

Now, I'm going to post our before and after photos - so please note that I am doing this for my readers, even against my cringing will to avoid ever showing the blogosphere my face without any kind of concealment whatsoever. However, it truly showcases LeiLani's talent, so I can't accomplish this without them. Without further adieu, both myself and Crafty Bridesmaid in all our bare skinned glory - paired with our much better looking alter egos.
LeiLani did a GREAT job - it felt really natural, but hid all my flaws!

Crafty Bridesmaid's magnificent transformation! What a gorgeous girl, eh?

What fabulous results, eh? I was really happy with how I turned out - but more so, I thought that Crafty Bridesmaid looked AMAZING! I can't wait to see what she does with my other bridesmaids and my mommies! If you're in the Sutter, Yuba, or Sacramento area - you can contact LeiLani to do your wedding.


Makeup by LeiLani

(530) 301-7088

some other blogs she suggests for brides to be!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Valentine's Day Special!

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